Distribution of Major Religions in the USA

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This interesting image uses information from the year 2000 to show the distribution of major religions in the United States.

7 thoughts on “Distribution of Major Religions in the USA

  1. It’s an interesting map, but i’d like to see the same map graphed by attending members rather than ‘total number of adherents reported by the church body divided by the county population’.

    It would also be interesting to see a correlative map that incorporates population density.

  2. Rick, I believe this is based on census information, so these numbers are different than those reported by the churches, I am sure.

  3. Kim, Rick is just taking the chart at its own word. “[R]eported by the church body” is right on the chart. The county population may be census information, but unless the words on the map are untrue, the numbers of church members are reported by the church bodies, not by some other source.

  4. Last Lemming

    No part of it? Because here in Canada, there is the short census, and then the long one. The short one doesn’t mention religion, the long one does. Not every household gets the long one, like every 5th or 7th one? I want the long one next time…

    The U.S. must have some way of figuring out religion statistics.

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