Canadians less Christian than Americans

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Canadians less Christian than Americans. Are they less religious too?

3 thoughts on “Canadians less Christian than Americans

  1. This guy ticks me off on so many levels…

    “The world will end in the Battle of Armageddon between Jesus and the Antichrist.”

    Is this the standard Christian misconception of how the world will end?

    Canadians suffering “Spoiled Brat Syndrome”? Not exactly a Canadian stereotype I’ve EVER even heard suggested let alone labelled.

    The British protected us… from German and Japanese agression? Where does this guy get off? Was he thinking, “I’ll just rewrite WWII history to suit this poorly articulated, religiously motivated article.”

    For the record, we do have referendum’s in Canada. As well many policies are created as a direct response to the will of the people. Just because we don’t waste a lot of time and money asking every individual to vote on every issue of the day, doesn’t mean that we don’t trust ourselves to make decisions.

    “As a portrait of a nation, this view may not be altogether attractive – but it accords with the facts.” Does this guy even live in Canada?

  2. I really laughed at the spin this guy put on the article as well … then I did some research on the site it’s on and some of his other writing.

    He’s a Bona-Fide nut job.

  3. They aren’t less “Christian” in the W.H. Auden sense you described on another post; they’re just less affiliated with a certain list of organized churches.

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