WTC conspiracy theory documentary

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WTC conspiracy theory documentary

4 thoughts on “WTC conspiracy theory documentary

  1. I watched the first 15 minutes of this the other day. It was pretty interesting. I wonder if it is completely factual. The parts that I saw made a pretty good case for a conspiracy.

  2. You really should watch the entire thing; the first 15 minutes barely touches on anything, especially since half of that is just opening credits and commentary.

  3. Why watch it at all? Conspiracy theories have been thoroughly debunked by people who have the one and only thing that matters in this debate: credibility. The conspiracy crowd plays fast and loose with facts and takes quotes out of context to bolster their claims in these flimsy cough “documentaries.” What kind of dim bulb buys into this nonsense?

  4. wat kind of dim bulb buys into the government’s continuous lying. dont ask questions and you’ll never know the truth.

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