Siever Children

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Our Children

The first photo in years that was not just Sin?ɬ©ad and Regan. It’s weird seeing three in there.

9 thoughts on “Siever Children

  1. Well, they are just darling. They made me smile. I’m changing, I wish I liked little kids this much when my kids were little.

  2. Thanks Annegb and PDOE :) We sure think they are adorable. Well, ok usually. The older two have their moments, lol. But they are beautiful bright children, at least we think so, hehe.

  3. I guess I’m more paranoid than you are about what I put on the Internet.

    Lovely children, by the way.

  4. I’m not trying to be critical, if that’s what you mean. I just choose to avoid posting pictures of my family on the Internet altogether. I have no doubt that you take your family’s safety seriously.

  5. BTW, the photographer did a great job of grabbing everyone’s attention for the shot. It usually takes a long time to get a shot of that quality fromk my bunch. :)

  6. Yes, good point, John. I’ve rarely had such luck with kids and professional photographs. Well done!

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