Double Trouble

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So after many agonizing moments on how to figure out what my password was to get on here ( I hate using someone else’s computer with no bookmarks!! but I digress)… I can post again. What do you do when You want someone for a calling and you are told sorry but so and so is going to be going elsewhere? How can 2 people have the same exact feeling from the Spirit that John Smith is right for a position right now at the same time? Two auxiliaries can’t both be right?

12 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. In my experience with submitting names for callings in my particular ward, I’ve found that about 75% of the time the inspiration is “so-and-so needs a calling,” and only about 25% of the time is it “this person is meant for this calling.” The percentages would probably be different in a more stable ward — mine is extremely transitory.

    I have also been in a situation where the other auxiliary “won,” and it was later admitted to have been a mistake. I had lacked the confidence to fight for the person at the time. This was a big learning experience and I don’t think I will make the mistake of cowardice again in that situation. However, even though this “mistake” occured, the fact that everyone involved had good intentions meant no real damage was done.

  2. Can’t the decision makers just have a ‘righteous-off’?

    You know, count tithing see who attends the temple more, that kind of thing.

    The person who is more righteous, obviously is more in tune with the spirit and should be the one making the decisions, no?

    Make sure someone who holds the priesthood is the judge, though – no need to have any arguments when there’s someone with the ‘spirit of discernment’ available.

  3. OHMYGOSH Rick please tell me you mistyped what you said when you wrote that you should have a priesthood holder to be the judge as they have the power of discernment????? Are you saying only priesthood holder can have the spirit of disernment????

  4. ok let me rephrase my question to you… do you really think only a priesthood holder has the power of discernment? there is that clearer?

  5. I *personally* don’t believe in the ‘spirit of discernment’ at all – but are you telling me that it resides in people other than priesthood holders?

    That’d contradict what I had heard on the subject.

  6. well considering I don’t hold nor have ever hold the priesthood yet have the spirit of discernment I would highly suggest it does reside in us mere mortal women. And where exactly did you hear this topic of subject before and who was it that was saying it? A man? DUH

  7. So does that mean that *I* have the spirit of discernment?

    I also do not hold the priesthood, but I know that from time to time I make correct decisions without corroborating evidences.

  8. Interesting…my patriarchial blessing says something about the “gift of discernment” and I am obviously not a priesthood holder.
    I always thought discernment had more to do with the Holy ghost, who could potentially affect all people regardless of gender or religion.

  9. I think it’s quite possible that at least one party may simply NOT be inspired. In my expereince, there seems to be a lot of people who are unable to differentiate strong personal feelings or opinions with actual inspiration. So they just claim they are inspired (and probably honestly think that they are) when really they are just following their noses around.

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