Our Census for sale?

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For those of you interested in the Canadian Census, there is a group who wants to boycott participation in it because its’ been outsourced to an American Company. see: http://countmeout.ca/

Do you think that the census should be developed, run and paid for exclusively by Canadians and Canadian companies?

Another reason to wonder what’s going on with the census is the lack of support for alternative platforms. see: This Article

I think the latter problem bothers me more that the former…I’m not sure why.

7 thoughts on “Our Census for sale?

  1. I understood the problem was the company has huge humanitarian violations. I only found out about that afterwards.

    I won’t boycott the census for one reason – Family History. Without the census, so much information wouldn’t be available. But I do have concerns with a company being used that is not Canadian, the fact it has useage issues and the company being bad/evil.

  2. Hello folks,

    Just to clarify, the http://www.CountMeOut.ca website does not advocate refusing to privide census data, just providing it in a format that is unreadable by war-profiteer Lockheed Martin optical scanners, but readable by human, wage-earning data entry clerks (the way the Census has been done for years successfully)
    Hence your family history will still be available, if you OK it.

  3. If you’re planning to boycott every company that’s ever been a “war profiteer” then you need to sell you cars and never buy one again. You’d also better give up buying most household appliances.

  4. Well, obviously one cannot boycott everything, ltbugaf. It would be hard to live unoless one is almost fully self sufficient. However, I don’t think it’s wrong to avoid companies you know are guilty of outrageous acts. I won’t buy Nike, or Nestle (and yes, literally I boycott Nestle, because of their practices of marketing in third world countries)or Walmart. But of course it is hard to boycott everything. So for myself, it is the most blatant, outrageous ones I avoid. And try to support companies I know who have good morals and standards.

  5. I’ve heard about Nestle’s marketing of formula and discouragement of breast-feeding in countries where it had particularly egregious effects. What I haven’t heard is whether they’ve stopped that practice, and if so, how long ago.

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