Women’s Role in the Church

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What do you think the role of women was in the early Mormon Church? What do you think their role is today? How have women influenced the Church to become what it is today?

3 thoughts on “Women’s Role in the Church

  1. This question is being very heavily debated in the media under the heading of Polygamy. Two really huge blog debates this week can be found at Time and Seasons and also at CNN’s Anderson Coopers 360 blog.

    On the CNN blog they are comparing Warren Jeff’s FLDS to the Taliban for their similar religious practices of a few men totally dominating the lives of the women.

    Was the role of LDS women back in 1888 similar?

  2. And can I ask – what is the role of LDS women in the world today?

    The mass media with its free speach rights would have us believe something quite the opposite from the guidelines given in the Proclamation on the Family.

  3. My girlfriend is teaching to the YW the Women and the Priesthood lesson next Sunday. She asked me what was important to me to convey and I had no idea what to say.

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