Sabbath Day protection

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Wouldn’t that be great?? Although I am not sure how that would work for say.. policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses etc. And what about those who do not worship now? Do they automatically get 1 day off a week to worship and abuse the system?

7 thoughts on “Sabbath Day protection

  1. …and what happens when I decide that I want Wednesdays to be my sabbath?

    How would that affect businesses?

    The observation of the sabbath is a religious decision, not a municipal one.

  2. This will have a huge impact on weekend groups such kids sports, boy scouts, etc. You schedule a tournament for Saturday that conflicts directly with the Sabbath of Jews and Adventists.

    And what about The Islamic Sabbath falling on Fridays? Does that mean schools have to make their employees work on Saturday (a sixth day) to accomodate them?

  3. Going to look at the article, (it is a US representive), it specifies the need for 24 essential jobs so health care, protection services etc, would be somewhat exempt from this. It also seemed to be open ended to allow the employee to set what day would be their sabbath observance and there would need to be a months advance notice. I know as working as a nurse there could be some difficulty with staffing, when several people would want the day off. The other concideration is how many people really use the Sabbath as a day of worship and not a day of recreation. How would the employer know that this mandatory day is used for something other than worship. I doubt it would pass the muster of the US senate with the ACLU so opposed to ANY religous act by the government.

  4. I can just imagine how that would go over here in southern Alberta, the Bible Belt of Canada. There’d be no one left to work Sundays.

  5. How about using the concept of free agency. If you want to work, yo do, if you want to worship you can do that also. We do not need laws to make someone worship unless you support Satan’s plan to make everyone return to Heaven.

  6. Problems you have found with the National Sabbath Protection Act:

    1.-ABUSE- Abuse and misuse of this law can and most likely will happen. There are many rights that are given to us that are abused, but that doesn’t mean that those rights should be taken away. The same is true for the NSPA. Just because there will be those who abuse the law doesn’t make the law any less right. What will work to prevent abuse is the action of having to give at least one month notice to the employer before taking a Sabbath off. This should weed out most of those who wish to use the NSPA like a personal day.

    2.-EFFECT ON BUSINESSES- Businesses may have to close on days they have no help. This scenario most likely will not be the case except in close communities where a certain day is set aside for worship. Businesses could offer incentives to working on that day to increase the workforce. As far as typical Monday-Friday jobs like teachers and factory workers, let’s say a teacher is Islamic and takes Friday as their day. The teacher would have to have someone else teach the class for that day. Since the day chosen is a day that would be unpaid they may have to work on the weekend to get the hours they need.

    3.-Free Agency- The law only allows people the opportunity to take their Sabbath off. It doesn’t force the worker to worship or take any day off.

    I would suggest to those of you who have yet to read the law go to:

    The site should answer most of the questions you have in the FAQ’s section.

    I hope by answering some of your questions on this law clears up some of the misconceptions.

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