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Just cuddling my baby this morning and contemplating the joyous wonder of them. Babies are happy, easily pleased, which makes them seem simple, and yes they are. But in their simpleness, they bring joy and peace. A baby becomes ecstatic when smiled at, when kissed, when cuddled, when given a simple toy, attention, love and care. What’s more wonderful than a baby? Nothing I can think of.

13 thoughts on “Babies

  1. A baby and a piece of pie is a lot better than just a baby.

    But maybe that’s disqualified for being two things.

  2. Maybe those feelings of love for an infant are an experience similar to the infinite nature of God’s love, or of the atonement. You know—infinity plus infinity is still infinity.

  3. Re: comment 2, I think the answer is no. Some husbands are deliberately evil. Babies never are.

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