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We did it for 100 comments, so we might as well do it for 200 comments. Thanks to Bill and Ltbugaf, a year-old post has helped us meet a new milestone: 200 comments.

Congratulations, LtBugAF, for posting comment number 200. You won the grand prize. You should be receiving it in the mail in the future.

26 thoughts on “200 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type. You really are going to send me something, aren’t you? By e-mail, perhaps?

    Give me some more time to work on my acceptance speech.

  2. “Members of the Academy, I cannot accept this award in good conscience without sharing the glory. Bill, not I, deserves the credit for making the “Elders and High Priests” thread what it truly is—an absolute monstrosity. He never lost his determination: No matter how many times the discussion died a natural death, he continued to beat that dead horse back to life with more epithets and whining. Bill, this one’s for you!”

    Whaddaya think? Do I need to mention something about the producers and the studio?

  3. Hey, I was commenter #100 way back when and was promised a gift in the mail. I check my mail box everday–still no gift!

  4. I’m proud to be a small part of history. Perhaps someday LT Bug AF will admidt the real status of a career. For example, his real screen name should be sgtbilljarhead.

  5. By the way, what’s to “admidt”?

    Have you noticed that almost no one else on the ‘blog—including you—has revealed his or her occupation?

  6. Not American Fork: Norfolk.

    Lévis, Terrebonne, Boisbriand, UQAM, Gatineau: almost foreign.

    I hope his name isn’t really “flabgut.”

  7. I know. You posted what years you served your mission in the comments here on OT.

    When you threw out the Bloggernacle Code challenge, I read most your comments on OT, Mormanity, Splendid Sun, and a couple other blogs.

  8. By the way, Mother of All, you must have taken an awfully long time to get through all that. I’ve had some mighty long exchanges on this ‘blog, and some mighty long ones on Mormanity. If you’re interested enough in me to do all that, well…you need a hobby.

  9. (Sheesh. Now I have to go find a lawyer to change my last name from “Flagbut” before one of you finds me. :( )

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