Amulek, the Prophet

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While reading in the Book of Mormon last night, I came across this passage:

[The] word came to Alma, saying: Go; and also say unto my servant Amulek, go forth and prophesy unto this people (Alma 8:29)

Does this mean Amulek was a prophet? I have only ever heard of him being referred to as a missionary companion to Alma the Younger.

3 thoughts on “Amulek, the Prophet

  1. We use the term “prophet” very restrictively nowadays, almost always referring only to the President of the Church. But throughout the scriptures, there are examples of people having the spiritual gift of prophecy, regardless of their position or calling. And those who are “prophesying” are not necessarily making predictions of the future, but simply speaking whatever the Lord wants people to hear: A prophet is often a forth-teller more than a foreteller.

    In this sense, anyone called to speak to others by the power of the Spirit is a prophet. I’m pretty sure Amulek fits the bill.

  2. My mission pres. often spoke about the differences between a Prophet (big P) and prophet (little p). Perhaps Amulek was just a prophet not the Prophet.

  3. Take a look at what the Lord said to Miriam and Aaron with respect to the differences when he was chasting them for rebuking Moses for marrying the Ethiopian woman.
    Also Revelation contains a clear statement on prophecy and the testimony of Jesus, which clearly sets it apart from a Prophet.

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