Bloggernacle Code

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Here’s my Bloggernacle Code:

<4 w "1/1" JSc JS {+more} %$#@ <sn> :-) -in+*of ® I'M # --1-- Ag

8 thoughts on “Bloggernacle Code

  1. What, no social assurance number? No credit card number? Give us information we can REALLY use!

  2. I’d be far more interested in knowing what someone else thinks my Bloggernacle Code is, than in just giving mine.

    So if anyone’s looking for a way to waste time, go ahead. Rate me.

  3. Kim, yeah!
    :-) I was hoping you’d stop by and see it, since you get jokes.

    ltbugaf sounds like he’s daring me to say he’s O[j/k]D. But I think he’s bloghomeless in his size 9 1/2 black wingtip shoes.

  4. (Is size 9-1/2 black wingtips a social icon that I just don’t understand?)

  5. no, it was just a bit of randomness from googling the ltbugaf’s of the world. That ltbugaf’s oldest live ebay link was a purchase of black Dexter shoes. Ebay’s cool about not keeping the archive up for long, so if you want to stalk the guy with your name, do it soon.

  6. Hey, that’s not fair! ltbugaf, you should comment on whether my time-wasting coding him was accurate or amusing, preferably the latter.

    Dexter black wingtips bought by ltbugaf is a google joke based on the idea that you are not the only ltbugaf with that name.

  7. Black Dexter size 9-1/2 wingtips being bought on ebay is one of the random things that googles to ltbugaf.

    Another is the valiant defense of a new mother on a names bulletin board. ♥♥♥ Let’s hear it for chivalry.

    And then, of course, a whole lotta comments on Our Thoughts.

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