Boy blew up house with spray can

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Boy blew up house with spray can

3 thoughts on “Boy blew up house with spray can

  1. Oh my.

    His mum sure has a lot of faith in him, not sure I would leave my child home after that. Yikes. But anyway, it’s just a house, and he is safe, so that’s all good.

  2. “I am just grateful that he and the dogs are alive and well”

    …the dogs especially, I mean it’s nice about the boy and all, but …

  3. LOL

    Yes too, the dogs.

    I was reading the article and thinking about that advil commercial I think it is? The one where the cat gets startled and ends up causing a huge amount of damage including crushing a car. :) Maybe not advil, but headache medicine commercial. Makes me laugh everytime.

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