The Joys of Fatherhood

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Well, Elisabeth asked for it.

Last night, while trying to nurse a splitting headache and get some things done on the computer, I thought I smelled something odd. Since the children’s bedroom is right next to the computer “room” (as is everything in really in an 800 sq ft house), I decided to check there first. Sure enough, our five-year-old son, who was fast asleep, was covered in vomit. Not only that, but so was his pillow, the wall, and our laminate floor.

I picked him up and transported him to the washroom, where I got him undressed, rinsed out his clothes and threw them in the wash. I also got his pillowcase and pillow, rinsed them off and tossed them in as well.

Then I put him in the shower and washed him off. I would have just used a wash cloth, but his hair was matted with the stuff. While I was rinsing him off, Mary got the sheets and the quilt.

While Mary was getting him dressed, I pulled out the bed and cleaned up the wall and the floor.

Good times.

UPDATE: Oops. He did it again. Tonight, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I hear him wailing from his bedroom. When I got in there, I discovered vomit all over the centre of the bedroom floor, taking up at least half of the visible floor. This time I stripped the bed and remade it and Mary took care of Regan. Oh, yeah, Baby!

11 thoughts on “The Joys of Fatherhood

  1. That storm last night was AWESOME. The most fun I’ve had watching the weather in a long time. The thunder and lighting was pretty much constant for about 30 minutes straight.

    Too bad about the boy. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. I love storms. However I do NOT love storms when they are directly thundering over my head (lightening I don’t mind) and I have to be up at 5 am, after cleaning up from a 5 year old sick boy. Joy.

    Well, he’s fine right now, we will see tonight. He is great during the day and then after bed well, not so great.

  3. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t 1:30 in the morning and I had the day off.

    The thunder and lightning lasted 30 minutes straight, but 30 minutes straight twice.

  4. Here’s hoping you get a full nights sleep soon and the children feel better!

    In Calgary, we had a family with 9 kids in our ward. Apparantley, the kids ran the gauntlet of illnesses for 2 weeks straight. Dad (who is a fireman and was working most of this time) but mostly Mom, were run ragged. She was so exhausted and sleep deprived at the end of these two weeks she was admitted to the hospital for a 4 night stay! Whenever I’m up in the middle of the night with my sick daughter, I’m reminded : it could be worse!

  5. …which begs the question,”How can a single woman be expected to *properly* care for nine children?”

    Am I completely nuts or does this sound like a bit much for any one person?

    The Thunderstorms:
    We were watching the TV last night and the emergency broadcast system kicked in and told us about a storm warning with possible funnel clouds forming North of Del Bonita.

    Well needless to say, I was outside immediately and looking South for some sort of sign.

    In the next 5 minutes, clouds rolled in, lighting began, and we were treated to the most amazingly loud, bright, slightly anxiety-ridden hour in recent memory.

    In the end, no funnel clouds around us and very little hail – all praise be to Allah. :)

  6. HAH I got you beat.. 5 children all with measles mumps and chicken pox all at the same time, house quarantined from the City of Regina, no one in no one out, dad working out of town in Edmonton, middle of winter, washer AND dryer broken, children not believing in going to sleep all at same time, bathing children in calamaine baths, washing sheets in bathtub and hanging over all the doors to dry, cleaning vomit off floors, beds, siblings hair from the projectile from their bed mate, off the couch, out of the tub, off the St. Bernard dog who insisted on sleeping in the kids rooms… yup them were the good old days of my 22nd year of age.

    You have to love kids thats for sure hehehehe

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