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What qualities does someone need to make a good business leader? What about a good church leader? Are the qualities the same? Can someone be a good business leader and a poor church leader? Can someone be a good church leader and not a good business leader? Can someone be good at both?

2 thoughts on “Leaders

  1. You need to define what a good leader is. A jerk can be considered a good businessman but a rotten person. Often leaders in the Church will treat members as if they were employees.

    A good business person who loves people and treats them with kindness and respect would make a good bishop.

  2. I think a good leader is someone who knows what path they want to lead their organization down, can see where the organization is on that path, and then cam formulate a plan of action to get their organization from point a to point b.

    To do that, you would need to evaluate the collective and individual weaknesses of the organization and it’s members, and work to compensate for those along the journey.

    A leader who doesn’t know where they are going, but knows a few things that need to be done is just a manager.

    Covey’s whole analogy of cutting down the forest illustrates this perfectly.

    It’s possible that a good church leader is really just a good church manager. I have rarely seen true leadership at the local level. Most are just amazing managers who only take orders from above.

    One can be good church leader (true definition) and a lousy business leader. All this requires is a solid vision, direction, and understanding in one context, and none in the other.

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