Listening to the Spirit

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Relatively recently, I have been part of a situation that has been causing me some frustration. For the purpose of this post, whether the frustration was unfounded or not is irrelevant. Anyhow, because of this frustration, I had made the decision to publicly confront some individuals also involved in the situation and whom I had viewed as the source of the frustration.

One day, while mulling over the decision to confront them, the Spirit inspired me to approach the situation differently. As I pondered on this prompting throughout the day, I realised that this was a better decision than the one I made.

I still approached the individuals, but the setting was non-confrontational and private, and the conversation was reciprocal.

I think the outcome of my conversation with these individuals ended up being much different than had I simply confronted them publicly as I had originally planned. Looking back, it is interesting to see the difference between how the Spirit prompts us to act and how Satan (or the natural man) prompts us to act.

12 thoughts on “Listening to the Spirit

  1. I think this is an excellent example of how the Lord desires for us to communicate “our truth” but in the spirit of love, gentleness, meekness, etc.

    We are not to sit on our hands, with our mouth’s duck-taped closed and just swallow our feelings. We can indeed be uplifting and truthful.

    Good job.

  2. ok I’ll bite what on earth is a gravatar? I looked it up in the dictionary and it’s not even a word lol!

    It’s ironic that you just had this experience as Dad did too just a few days ago. He was very frustrated with another leader and was ready to go there with guns blaring so to speak. I convinced him to go pray about it before he went which he did.. and his attitude completely changed. He changed his approach, redid the reports he was going with to a different format and after the meeting said that everyone was very excited about his way of presenting a solution to the problem in our ward and it was very welcomed.

    One of the speakers in this last GC said that the still small voice of the Holy Spirit is always there talking to us but that most times our minds are too busy to even hear it. I try and remember that when things aren’t going my way.

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