Top ten searches for first half of 2006

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Just because I can, here are our ten most popular searches for the year so far:

  1. ltbugaf
  2. chronicles duncan calder nomad
  3. communal showers
  5. communal shower
  6. our thoughts
  7. baby blessing lds
  8. pierzchala lethbridge
  9. polyandry
  10. high priest age lds

7 thoughts on “Top ten searches for first half of 2006

  1. Searching google, or searching your archives?

    I’m only some of the ltbugaf searches; he’s very readable. But I used google’s net-wide search.

  2. now i just check your 100 recent comments to see if lightbug, er ltbugaf, posted.

    When Kim comments on a blogger account and people click on his name through to here, I think you’ll get a google stat.

    can’t test it, I gave up my blogger account.

    No longer the mother of All,

  3. Those are all search engine searches (mostly Google). When people click on my name from comments I leave elsewhere, that does not count in search engine stats. Those searches are usually from people using the Google toolbar

  4. Is ltbugaf in the number one spot because he has made the most comments or is it because people are searching for his comments?

  5. Because he doesn’t have his own website and because he has made so many comments here. When people search for ltbugaf, our website comes up first.

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