Simon’s house

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Ok just in case anyone was really bored and needed to do some deep thinking I have some questions for you from my scripture study today. When Jesus was invited to Bethany to dine Martha is again serving and Mary again is sitting at His feet. Matthew and Mark continue to identify the event as occuring in the home of Simon the leper. Who was this Simon and what happened to him afterwards as I don’t see him written anywhere else? Is this the same Simon as Martha and Mary and Lazarus father? Is he in attendance at the dinner after Christ healed him from his leprosy? Did his eldest daughter Martha, act as the hostess in the absence of his wife? Or is this the same house that Luke earlier called “Martha’s house?” In the law of Moses it states that inheritances can go to daughters if there were no sons but we know they have a brother named Lazarus so that can’t be it. How then can it be called Martha’s house? Is she a widow and this was her inheritance from her husband? Was Simon Martha’s deceased husband? Did Simon die of leprosy later on? And was this dinner now a dinner of celebration of gratitude for Lazarus’s renewed life?

Ok enough questions now I need a nap :)

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  1. why else would Martha and Mary be in his house? They would not be likely to go into a single man’s home to be making dinner. We know he wasn’t their brother as the scriptures only show Lazarus as a brother.

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