How popular was/is your name?

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How popular was/is your name?

5 thoughts on “How popular was/is your name?

  1. Kim, I see your name really peaked back in the 50’s (for boy names anyhow). Looks like you’re behind the times.

    Apparently my name is on quite the decline now as well though. Michael is just too boring these days, I guess.

    My son’s name (William) has been on a steady downward trend since the 1880’s. He must be WAY behind the times.

  2. If you look at the 1970s, you will see my name was still relatively popular and more popular than as a girl’s name. I would only be behind the times if I had been named today. Even so, I am happy to have a unique name. It means more people remember it.

  3. We named our daughter Lacey. At the time it was popular, but I never heard it before. My wife picked it. So when we had our son, I picked it- Sean. Another name that was popular at the time. My grandmother had a name that was really popular at the time but you never hear anybody naming their kid that name anymore… Mildred.

  4. Our children’s names (well except for Regan although it is Irish) are popular in Ireland. Sort of popular. I knew some Sinéads and Aislings

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