Wayne Gretzsky and Gambling

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So I see this commercial last night that Wayne Gretzsky is doing. Now he is my ultimate favorite hockey player right up there with Rocket Richard and I know for a fact that he swore when he left playing hockey he would only endorse products that gave back to the community and helped children. So he now is working with Lotto for a new lottery tickey and the top prize is a day with him. Now I would just about give my eye teeth to win that. How perfect would that day be!!!!

So my question is…. if you aren’t buying a ticket to win millions of dollars is it still gambling when all you would get is to spend a day with one of your idols?

13 thoughts on “Wayne Gretzsky and Gambling

  1. Wold you have to pay for such a prize if you hadn’t win? If so, wouldn’t you be winning money by being able to save the money you normally would have spent on this prize?

    Here‘s the defintion of gambling.

  2. …and the real question is how to tithe on an increase like ‘spending the day with Gretzky’. :P

  3. Spend the day at Church.

    You cannot lose if you do not Play.

    The other option is to send me your dollar or dollars and then you can be a real loser. Plus any money you send me is tithing exempt from then on.

  4. Option 1 – If you win, spend the day at Church.

    Option 2 – Send me the money. I will send you a form that states your ex-money is now tithing exempt which you can give your Bishop.

    Option 3 – Play the game and lose.

    Option 4 – Send me the money with no strings attached and be a loser.

    You cannot lose if you do not play.

  5. “Share 10% of the experience in Fast and Testimony meeting.”

    So that would be 2.4 hrs owing to the ward on open mic day?

    Kind-of sounds like to cruel and unusual punishment … for the ward.

  6. While that may seem cruel and unusual, it probably isn’t that far off the mark.

    I’ve been in too many of those meeting where we end up going a good 20 minutes over time. That’ll give you about 1.5 hours.

    Then, in some wards I’ve been in, the RS or priesthood leaders cop out and turn their meetings into an extended testimony session (probably because they are too lazy to prepare a lesson) which will get you at least an additional 50 minutes. So that should come out to about 2.4 hours.

  7. ‘open mic day’.

    That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

    At least Gretzky would be more exciting to hear about than diets or grocery shopping.

  8. Not often Mary. However, certain brothers and sisters do get side tracked quite easily.

  9. huh. well, i have heard interesting “testimonies” like blow by blow details about life problems, etc. yes people can get side-tracked and not know what Testimony meeting is for.

    actually the travelogues are, um…interesting. lol

  10. Some people have testimonies and some people have testimonkeys.

    Testimonkeys are little stories you tell your associates for amusement, sympathy or to show how cool you are.

    So next time you’re sitting there on open mic Sunday, see if you can spot the monkeys from the monies…

  11. Gee Rick.. thanks alot.. next testimony meeting when someone goes up and starts in on their testimonkeys (and we have a LOT of them) I am going to end up using my inside voice laugh OUT of my head and people will turn around wondering what I found so funny!!!

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