Words to remember you by

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If you died tomorrow, would your loved ones have any of your words to read to remember you? To remember you as the type of person you were?

10 thoughts on “Words to remember you by

  1. I don’t think I’ve left anything written by my own hand per se.

    I’d like to think that the less I’ve written (as *me*, blogs etc. notwithstanding) the better chance I have of being remembered in a favourable light.

    It’s so much easier to remember what a curmudgeonly iconoclast when given a written example, that when you just have to remember what I was like.

    People generally rememebr the good times better than the bad times, and I’m banking on it.

    …and as for a epitaph: Here lies rick, all he wanted was to be left alone; so on your way now, nothing more to see here.

  2. ok now that Rick has posted his answer I think I misread what you are asking.. Mary confused me!! Are you asking what people would say about us in their own words to describe us? Or our words that we leave to our family members? Or copy a phrase of something we said over and over again?

  3. Sorry Mum! I don’t know if I understood either.

    My journal I guess (which needs more entries). Anything here, I suppose, letters I have written? I should write more to my family.

  4. “I don’t believe in exercise unless its in the form of a sport!”

    I refuse to run … unless there are wolves chasing me.

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