Do I even look part Cree?

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Not only am I part French, Scottish, Dutch, English, Czech, German, and Spanish, I am also part Cree.

Do I even look it?

Self Portrait

10 thoughts on “Do I even look part Cree?

  1. No you look like Uncle Dan.. wait till you get here in Sept and will put you side by side hehehehe.. now if you looked like Uncle Claude then I would say you looked Cree.

  2. Actually, you look like someone taking a picture of himself. :-)

    Not knowing the physical characteristics of someone who is Cree, I couldn’t say if you look Cree or not.

  3. You look sort of Dutch to me. You look more normal than I’d imagined. I imagined you always wearing a white shirt and tie.

  4. LOL (looking more normal than you thought). He has his days :)

    Kim does wear white shirts and ties sometimes. But he likes different colours of dress shirts too.

  5. Interesting. More Dutch, eh? I’ve never had anyone say that to me before, and I never really thought the Abel side had very dominant genes.

    My only solid white shirt has a stain that is covered up with a suit jacket, so I haven’t worn it to work recently. As soon as I get some bleach, I should be able to wear it more often. I’m wearing my blue one today.

  6. you need to invest in that new Tide To Go pen!! Man oh man some woman invented that! Best thing since bread machines

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