Commenting on the Bloggernacle

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I read many more Bloggernacle posts than I comment on. Often, many of the things I have to say have already been said or the post has just left me speechless. Or the post has made me reflective and by the time I have come up with a conclusion after all that introspection, I forget where I read the post.

Anyhow, I do read many of the posts even if you don’t seem commenting.

Just sayin.

5 thoughts on “Commenting on the Bloggernacle

  1. hey, how do you get “in?” I’ve tried emailing this dude, Dave, at but never get a response back. has this form that you fill out that is supposed to send you an email with further instructions but I never get the email……

  2. You get in my starting a blog and posting on LDS topics. If you comment on others’ blogs, eventually, you’ll get linked to and people will start coming to your blog to comment.

    There’s no real induction procedure.

  3. so the two images at the top right of your blog for “Mormon Archipelago” and “” were not given to you as a member, but you use them to advertise the “bloggernacle,” right?

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