We’re a group blog, too.

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For those in the Bloggernacle who maintain lists of group blogs on their own blogs, this is a reminder that Our Thoughts is a group blog. In fact, this fall will mark two years as a group blog.

Come to think of it, the same blogs that have such lists never have a representative come here to comment. Maybe it’s fruitless to say anything at all.

Oh well, it’s a slow day.

4 thoughts on “We’re a group blog, too.

  1. I’ve been watching this post since it was posted, and it has steadily increased in popularity, even though nobody has commented on it.


  2. What is a “group blog”?

    Can we create our own initial posts/topics?

    How can I change my icon next to my name?


  3. A group blog is a blog with more than one poster.

    Only those listed in the sidebar as “Authors” can creat posts.

    Go to gravatar.com

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