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We added a new feature to Our Thoughts: polls. And no funky [Survey] monkey business either. We added a poll to our sidebar and from time to time, we will add a new poll.

Lately, I have been noticing comments around the bloggernacle that led me to believe a significant number of Bloggernacle RMs went on Spanish-speaking missions. Hence the first poll.

Take a look and have your say. Or at least cast your vote. Or whatever.

6 thoughts on “Polling Feature

  1. Kim, I don’t know what to think of your current poll on the Word of Wisdom. The question is, “Have you ever had something that is prohibited in the Word of Wisdom?” Then the choices are coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, more than one of the above, and the final choice, “Word of Wisdom?” which seems to be for those who haven’t heard of the Word of Wisdom. I don’t seem to be able to vote. I’ve never had coffee, tea, alcohol, or illicit drugs, and I do know what the Word of Wisdom is. How can a person like me cast a vote?

  2. I thought you wanted a reflection of how ALL the visitors to your ‘blog would answer a question. You’re deliberately cutting out those who haven’t violated the Word of Wisdom? I just don’t see the use of that.

  3. For clarification, one could have partaken of any of those substances without violating the Word of Wisdom. For example, before they joined the church, or because they have never been a member of the church.

  4. Since it was a poll, not a thread, I didn’t try to bring up any of the nuances you discuss, but simply take it at its most obvious facial meaning.

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