Thoughts From the Spirit

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What do you do to help differentiate between ramblings of your own brain and thought prompted by the Spirit?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts From the Spirit

  1. I think repeated “promptings” indicate it’s likely from the Spirit, urging you to some sort of action. If it is my own mind, I usually forget whatever it was I thought of, and move on.

    So often we hear of people being prompted two or three times before waking up and realizing “yeah, I think I need to do this..” Additionally, out of the mouth of 2-3 witnesses God establishes his word. So I think 2- 3 promptings (for the less spiritually inclined) is an okay method to receiving confirmation that it is from the spirit.

    Not sure if I’m justified in that perception, but that’s what I’ve seen play out in my own life thus far.

  2. I am one of those that needs 2-3 or more promptings from the Spirit before I recognize it as such as my brain/mind is usually too busy thinking and “talking” that it drowns out the promptings. Although there have been times that the prompting was VERY loud and clear. Now whether or not this was the first prompting and it was an important one or whether it was an important one and had been prompted 10 times before to no avail I have no idea.

  3. Often it is the fruits that show the spirit to something. If something is good it comes from God (often through the spirit). If something is not good, then….

    So I might evaluate a thought on its merits and motives. If both are good chances are there is some spirit to it.

  4. For me it’s just different.

    I’d even go as far as to say it feels different. It’s one of those things that I haven’t found words to describe. I just know it when I feel it.

  5. The promptings of the Holy Spirit is but one witness to the truth.

    The scriptures teach us that it is by two or more witnesses that truth gets established.

    Therefore, a prompting by the spirit should be confirmed by another independent source. (Perhaps confirmation from a trusted friend, spouse or church leader.)

    I believe that this helps one to clarify that maybe we misinterpreted the first witness.

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