Albertans are moving back to Saskatchewan

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Albertans are moving back to Saskatchewan . . . mortgage free.

6 thoughts on “Albertans are moving back to Saskatchewan

  1. Saskatchewan’s government has done nothing to bring ex-pats back to the province, besides stiffling the economy to the point that the province’s best selling feature is, “Hey, there is not much opportunity here, but it’s cheap.”

    Now, I am not saying the Albertan government should take a whole lot of credit for the economic boom there (seems just luck that your province’s borders were established over a large supply of fossil fuels), but Saskatchewan politicians and higher-ups shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back for Alberta luring away 1000’s because of the opportunities available in the province, and then having them being pushed back because they are ready to sit on a large nest-egg and semi-retire.

    Feedback on this post is welcome. Thanks.

  2. Sask’s oil reserves rival Alberta’s. It’s just our government sees that as an opportuinity for economic growth. If the people of Saskatchewan ever elected a proper government, I’m sure Regina could be the next Calgary.

  3. I’m not sure where you get your info, JM, but everything I’ve read suggests Saskatchewan’s reserves are a tenth the size of Alberta’s.

  4. That’s probably true with proven reserves, but when you add in probably and possible… they’ve got quite a bit. Enought to be second place with all reserves in Canada.

  5. In addition, with the technology currently available for horizontal drilling, there could be plenty of opportunities along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border…


  6. reminds me of the simpsons episode where they were drilling for oil under the school!

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