Mormon Archipelago De-listed Our Thoughts!

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But that’s because we asked them to. Or rather, I did.

Did I ask it because they offended me? Nope. Do I disagree with any of their past actions? Nope. Do I find them repulsive? Nope. Do I think they are censors or totalitarian? Nope. You can fill in the rest of the rhetoric, and likely my response will still be no.

Mormon Archipelago has become the de facto (and publicly-declared) official aggregator of the bloggernacle. So much so in fact that when someone’s blog gets kicked off or moved to a box below the fold, that someone go into a hissy fit. I’m tired of it.

The Mormon Archipelago is a good idea and one of the best implemented when it was first released. Heck, I even helped start it. I used it occasionally to keep up on new posts around the Bloggernacle. I still think it’s a good service and tool. But we don’t tie our success to it. In fact, for every 100 visitors, only 25 come from the MA. We have more visitors coming from Google than we do from the MA.

The Mormon archipelago is not the Bloggernacle. Nor does it say who is part of the Bloggernacle and who is not. The sooner more people realise this, the sooner we’ll stop having sandbox fights and mudslinging matches.

So why did we leave? To prove a point. The Bloggernacle doesn’t revolve around the Mormon Archipelago, and the Mormon Archipelago doesn’t revolve around you.

5 thoughts on “Mormon Archipelago De-listed Our Thoughts!

  1. Well, I’m going to miss that little linked button on the upper right.

    Now I have to actually remember a URL and do typing!!!!

    What’s the internet comming to!!!!!

    Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, that’s why it wasn’t there. I wondered why OT wasn’t getting any comments on MA–I see it was getting unreported comments.

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