Fast for 24 hours

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Considering we spend roughly 1/3 of a day sleeping, is it taking the easy way out to fast for a 24-hour period? After all, how much of a sacrifice can it be to fast while sleeping considering you don’t notice the hunger?

8 thoughts on “Fast for 24 hours

  1. I actually had this conversation with my girlfriend this week. I don’t fast 24 hours – I fast when I wake up in the morning on Sunday for this very reason. I think it’s silly to fast while you’re asleep. There is no effort or sacrifice there.

  2. Are you saying you skip breakfast and consider that a fast? Interesting concept. Where did you come up with this one?

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  4. interesting question.

    No, it is not an easy way out. While your consciousness may be taking a break for 8 hours, the rest of your body is not. your stomach still works at finishing up the morsels and sending all the materials to their proper locations. Your body does not freeze in time for those eight hours, but does actually get hungry. That’s why when you wake up in the morning, you are pretty hungry. Because your body says, “hey you haven’t given me nutrients for over 8 hours!”

  5. Yes, but since fasting isn’t only physical, there is nothing wrong with starting your fast after sleeping. It isn’t really a sacrifice while sleeping as you are not focussed on eating as you are when awake. Whether hungry or not. Which reminds me, I need breakfast.

  6. I’m more in line with Dan. While you are sleeping, your body is still working, albeit at a much slower pace. Additionally, since fasting is NOT solely physical (but it certainly includes that aspect) you can fast through the evening, dwelling on the purpose of your fast before you fall asleep. It gives you more time to devote yourself to your purpose.

    An interesting question, not that I’ll spend much time thinking about it.

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