Montr?ɬ©al gunmen kill 1 and wound 11

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Montr?ɬ©al gunmen kill 1 and wound 11. I wonder if the gunman’s hair was parted to the left instead of in a mohawk if it would have been mentioned.

20 thoughts on “Montr?ɬ©al gunmen kill 1 and wound 11

  1. “I wonder if the gunman’s hair was parted to the left instead of in a mohawk if it would have been mentioned.”

    Of course not. That wouldn’t make him sound extreme now would it?

    I find it interesting that we have not heard mention in regard to whether he fired on police officers or not…

    Suicide by cop?

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t mention what religion he was.

    Maybe that only matters for members of the true church… ;-)

  3. Ouch!

    Kim, that hurt right where my heart would be … if I didn’t have this blackened lump in lieu of.

    Then again, I have both had a mohawk and thought about going to Montreal…

  4. Larry, I’m trying not to take offence with you using a capitalised ‘Liberal’ in a senetence describing me… :)

    I might be ‘liberal but I’m certainly not ‘Liberal’….

    I’m Green.

  5. Is that “Green” with envy. It was a tactic to smoke you out. I would never seriously call anyone a Liberal and expect to survive.
    By the way, as a liberal, are you the old style (pre-1930’s) or the new style.
    Enquiring minds want to know. :>)

  6. “Did you know the Mohawks were Indians, Mary?”

    No, I did not know they came from India. I am sure they come from North America, isn’t that right? :)

    I was being somewhat facetious. Since we now know India is the place where real Indians come from, I find it tedious to call North American Aboriginals (from Canada, the US or Mexico) “Indians”. My personal feeling on it; I know not all share this.

    Oh I didn’t realise the shooter was from India (hadn’t heard his name).

    Rick I would describe myself as Green too, though not fully.

    Larry, is there something wrong with being Liberal? I am not Liberal, but we had a Liberal candidate from our ward (and oh my goodness he was a member of the Bishopric!). I personally have no problem with any of the parties (well no problem with people being part of any of the parties. Part of freedom of choice).

  7. “are you the old style (pre-1930’s) or the new style”

    Having had no experience with the distinction, I am at a loss in regard to how best respond to this inquiry, although I suspect I would be described as a ‘new style liberal’ if forced into a corner on the issue; the liberals having swung so much further to the left as of late, and all.

  8. Actually, that would make you an old, old style libral.
    The new style liberals, which began in the 30’s under MacKenzie King, favour more gov’t involvement in our lives, and less independence etc.
    He actually experimented with FDR’s New Deal before FDR implemented it in the U.S.
    Anyway, the old liberal is the one who was always looking for ways to improve and change things, not settling for the status quo.

  9. Mary,

    If Jean Chretien and Paul Martin (along with old Pierre) are the ideal Liberals, then my answer is yes, there is something wrong with being a Liberal.
    If, on the other hand, one is a Liberal because they view the world a little differently from the Conservatives, Green Party, NDP, etc., then there is nothing wrong with being a Liberal.

  10. “I find it tedious to call North American Aboriginals (from Canada, the US or Mexico) “Indians”.”

    The shooter was from India. We call native americans “indians” here because of our forefathers who described them as such in the constitution. they thought they were in India when they arrived in North American and thus called the native americans “indians”. it’s their ‘legal name so to say haha

  11. Mary – Would you consider yourself to be a liberal Mormon?

    I aw in the paper today where Canada is #2 in the # of days workers strike world wide. What an honor.

    Why did the India person kill?

  12. Val

    yes I know.


    No, I consider myself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have no political affiliation. I believe people should take care of each other when needed, I believe children should all have food, education should be available to all, at some cost, but not out of reach to many. I believe we should contribute to making our roads, homes and cities/towns/villages good places to be. I believe people should (reasonably) pay for their crimes or wrongdoings. I believe the weak should be protected. I believe the environment should be protected and preserved but in responsible ways. I believe everyone should contribute to society in what ways they are able. I believe in freedom of religion (for all religions), I believe in decency and respect for all, no matter what colour of skin or race of origin. There is much more I believe. Actually number one, parents should be responsible for their children except perhaps in extreme circumstances. For their upbringing, education and care.

  13. George/Bill

    Actually he was from India but raised in Canada. Or rather his parents were from India. I don’t think anyone knows why he went on the shooting spree. It is very sad.

  14. George/Bill

    I am quite sure I answered this but I can’t see it anywhere so briefly :

    I consider myself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, I believe in personal responsibility/fairness for all/government responsibility to look after their stewardship/taking care of the needy/access to education for all/take care of the environment etc. I do not have certain political leanings.

    He wasn’t an “India person”. He was a young man whose parents were from INdia.


    Yes, I know.

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