The new CHI

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So I hear there’s a new Church Handbook of Instructions arriving shortly in the hands of those who matter.

Anyone care to share some of the changes in policies and procedures?

There’s been plenty of speculation, I’d like to know what is actually being implemented.

105 thoughts on “The new CHI

  1. (I really should have said, “Priesthood HOLDERS visiting the homes…” rather than “Priesthood leaders…”)

  2. I also should have mentioned that “Home Teaching” as introduced in 1963 was really a refinement of a previously existing program known as Ward Teaching.

  3. itbugaf,

    I knew you weren’t reading my comments. I’m deeply hurt. See #61.

  4. Larry, me culpa. There were nearly 100 responses on this thread when I came to it and I’ve skimmed a lot of the content.

    (By the way, my moniker starts with the same letter as your name. Not important, just thought I should help you out.)

  5. …Sometimes I respond to a point made early in the discussion before discovering that someone else, later in the thread, has already made my point. :s

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