What labour shortage?

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Apparently Lethbridge’s so-called labour shortage has reached the ears of Toronto reporters. They’re saying such things as :

“If they’re standing and breathing, they’ve probably got a job,” Abbott says one recent morning in his popular Penny Coffee House. “We’ve been forced to take whatever comes through that door.”

So why is it every job I’ve applied for tells me I’m over qualified, then shows me the door?

5 thoughts on “What labour shortage?

  1. You’re applying in the wrong city. If you were to apply in Calgary you could earn substantial money. . . Of course it would cost you substantial money as well.
    Everything is relative.
    As for qualifications, you could probably get a job in Calgary and remain in Lethbridge. I believe they have now advanced communications to the point that you don’t have to live where you work, particularly in your field.
    Just a thought.

  2. I think the labour shortage in Lethbridge is mostly confined to minimum wage jobs.

    At our theatre we are having problems finding people who will work for us at the rates we can afford to pay them. I think fast food places are having a similar problem.

    I don’t think there is much of a shortage for higher paying jobs that require specialized knowledge or experience.

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