Spirituality = visits from Spirits

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Does anyone think that the more in tune with the spirit you are the more likely the chance will be that you can/will sense/feel.see spirits around you? Can you tell if they are evil or good spirits when you do sense them around you?

24 thoughts on “Spirituality = visits from Spirits

  1. Sally, it seems to me that the more you are able to follow the Holy Ghost, the better you will be at perceiving and discerning good and evil influences around you. I suppose that would include actual “spirits” in the sense of angels or demons.

    Moses was able to detect Satan when he appeared as an angel of light (see Moses 1:13-22) as was Michael (see D&C 128:20). I suppose their own righteousness—their ability to follow the Spirit—was instrumental in these events.

    Of course, the “handshake test” that Joseph Smith described in Section 129 seems to apply to a situation where one is face to face with a being who claims to be a divine messenger, not to situations where one only has a feeling of their presence or influence.

  2. Sally,

    I think one can detect the nature of spirits around them, and I’m not always certain that they have to be of a certain spiritual attainment to do so.
    The light of Christ is the instrument we use, not the Holy Ghost, based on my understanding.

  3. SO I still haven’t gotten a clear answer of why it is some people can see/sense spirits around them. I can only see them in some homes I have lived in. Most times I know they are “nice” they just startle me when they are right beside me or I see them walking past out of the corner of my eye.

    Other homes I have been in, I would wake in a banshee scream out of nightmares to wake up with an evil as evil one can be spirit standing by the side of my bed. It was so bad at one house that our huge dog would not even come into the room to protect me and all of his hair (OESD) would stand on end as he growled at it.

    What makes a person be able to see/feel these? Why are some good and some evil? They don’t come with instructions.

  4. Mum

    I used to experience that, bad spirits disturbing my sleep, until I realised what it was (not a dream). The next day I said a very heartfelt prayer to Heavenly Father asking Him to keep them away. As well, I had my home dedicated. I have never been bothered since. It was annoying and sleep depriving more than anything.

    Then there are my babies who let me know they are awaiting their turn to come. I sense them, feel them, hear them. I don’t see them, but I am left counting more often than not! Only one at a time though. This next one has been rather persistant. I have no idea when he or she is coming, but I certainly know that baby will come to us at some point! Aisling and Regan did the same thing to me.

  5. Rick lol are you saying I am old and demented? :) I have been experiencing these since I was a very young girl so I don’t think that would qualify me for either the old age the dementia or loss of vision. But thanks for trying :)

    Mary every home we have ever lived in has been “blessed” and some more then once. I know I don’t have babies coming to me so it’s not that. I just wonder why some houses are worse then others and why some houses I sense them more then others and why in some homes I don’t sense/see them at all and can go a few years with nothing.

  6. Mum

    Oh I know, I am just telling you my experiences. I don’t know why some homes would be worse than others, but I wonder if it could be people who are somewhat attached to their homes? No, I don’t subscribe to the belief of “ghosts” sticking around (as fascinating as I find Ghost Whisperer, lol) but the spirit world is parallel to this one and people have been visited by spirits.

    Oh and how do you know the happy spirits aren’t your grandbabies saying “Nana! Nana! I am here too!” hehe

  7. hmmm never thought of it that way Mary about the grandbabies.. if that is the case then SOMEONE had better be having a baby soon in our family because the visits have been very intense here lately!!

  8. Mum

    And of course the not so nice spirits, well we know about them. Maybe it is that you are more sensitive than many people so you notice it more?

  9. yes presisely why I am looking for find out WHY I am more sensitive to their visits, how do I know that one is a man, another is a woman, others are so evil I retch just thinking about the incidences, others are small children, babies almost.. why are they here instead of the spirit world with all the other spirits? Are these that have already died? Are these spirits waiting for a home here? WHY WHY WHY

  10. Have you considered using the PH to bless your home? Perhaps it is time.

    There was a time when members did this when they moved into a new home. It seems to have fallen out of favor.

    Is it a tradition instead of doctrine?

  11. Each of our homes have been blessed before even one box comes in the home on moving day. It also has been blessed during “difficult” times as well. But for some reasons some homes are immune to the blessings

  12. Sally,

    With respect to your queery: “yes presisely why I am looking for find out WHY I am more sensitive to their visits, how do I know that one is a man, another is a woman, others are so evil I retch just thinking about the incidences, others are small children, babies almost.. why are they here instead of the spirit world with all the other spirits? Are these that have already died? Are these spirits waiting for a home here? WHY WHY WHY”

    They are in the spirit world. It is here on this earth. You have a gift of discernment that many of us don’t have. This is nothing to dismiss or fear.
    The fact that you can sense, see, feel those that are present at certain times is no different than those who have near death experiences and see relatives, but not everyone, in the spirit world.
    Perhaps this is a gift you can cultivate to bless your family and others . . . but don’t make it a public issue, or discuss it in detail.
    This appears to be an issue that has bothered you for some time. It illustrates a sensitivity, not a weird and awful characteristic.

  13. Mum

    Well let me tell you that our next baby has been bugging me quite intensely since Aisling was born. However I don’t use that as a gauge for when that baby will be born because Aisling bugged me for a good many years before I got pregnant. However this one seems to be rather insistent. And Regan did the same, though not quite as long.

    Now I cannot speak for the others who will be having babies though! Maybe (if it is some of your grandbabies) these baby spirits come to you because their parents just aren’t listening. :)

    Larry’s said it, the spirit world is here so it isn’t like they are too far away. I do think you are jsut mroe sensitive than most which is why you feel it.

  14. So now that we’ve established that you are having discourse with your pre-mortal babies, where exactly does Kim fit into this decision process? :P

  15. Rick

    you mean when they come? He fits right in. Kim hasn’t said if he feels our babies like I do, I suppose that is my realm. :) But he knows the gender of each child when I am pregnant, he also knows when I am going to be pregnant (or rather that it will happen shortly or that I am pregnant)beforehand. Of course he doesn’t deign to tell ME what gender our children will be!!! And no, I don’t do ultrasound so can’t find out that way, lol.

    Kim and I are on the same page when it comes to having our babies. Have been from the beginning. :)

  16. I believe Mary and have no reason to question her statement. It must be hard for Kim to know before hand when Mary is going to get pg.

  17. have a guestion. lately i have had some strange things going on. my mom passed in oct and my best friend passed 17 yrs ago.now starting 2 weeks ago i had a salad in the fridge. when i had gotten up the salad bowl was on the counter with no salad in it. my husband does not eat salad. and i even looked in the garbage for the lettuce ono lettuce. also the ties on the bread are off and yesterday i heard on the side of my house like someone was driving a big nail in the wood. i went to look nobody. i aske my dad is he did it and he said no. my cousin seems to think it is her mom coming to visit or could it be my friend? thankyou arlene

  18. hello,my 8 yr old nephew recently told me he crys and wants to go home when staying the night at my house because they are three ghosts in my house,one he will not talk about,another is a women,who i have an eerie feeling has been with me since childhood,he says shes bad,and the third is a baby boy,which is the one that intrests me most last time he was up all night till his mother picked him up because the baby was staring at me while i was sleeping,now i am ashamed to say that i had an abortion when i was 17,could this be my son and why wasnt his soul into my oldest son,why hasnt he moved on,if anyone out there could help me i would be very grateful,thank you

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