Womanhood, priesthood and manhood

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I’ve heard it said that womanhood and priesthood are parallels. Do you believe this? If so, is there a parallel to womanhood and manhood? Are priesthood and manhood the same thing?

65 thoughts on “Womanhood, priesthood and manhood

  1. Bill, I can’t agree. After all, you’ve shown you’re willing to accuse me of sexual mischief while on my mission, even though you had absolutely nothing on which to base that vile, degrading accusation. If you’ll go that far on nothing at all, why should I believe any of your other tales?

  2. School Boy ltbugaf, it is amazing the things you fabricate in your mind. Not once have you been accused of sexual mischief while on a mission. You bragged that you mostly taught married women. I hope their husbands were present while they were being taught. That was Mission policy for me, I hope you would have followed the same rules but who knows with you.

    It is a sad that you make up such nonsense when there are better things to discuss.

  3. If the women were ever allowed to manage the RS without men over seeing it, how long would it be before the men would have to manage the affairs of the RS again?

    Tough question to answer? Would it be months or years?

  4. well George considering it was the RS that used their funds to bail the church out in the early years I don’t think us mere women have to worry about needing anyone but us to manage our affairs.

  5. It was a joke Sally. I believe the women of the Church do not need a man (Bishop) to approve everything they do.

  6. Bill/George:

    1. Please don’t insult me further, while also insulting the intelligence of everyone who reads this ‘blog, by trying to claim your comment about having husbands in the room wasn’t meant as a sexual innuendo—everyone who can read your comment knows better.

    2. Please stop evading and explain how you can possibly know what you claim to know about the way things work in your ward—especially what you claim to know in comment #30.

    3. Please show some slight shred of decency by ending your use of “nicknames” such as “schoolboy.” You’re only displaying the puniness of your own intellect.

  7. Schoolboy said: “husbands in the room wasn’t meant as a sexual innuendo—”

    Gee is everything with you about sex?

  8. TO ALL: Please indulge me for a short policy announcement.

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to realize that no rational or reasonable response is ever going to come from Bill/George, and that all engagement with him is pointless. I’m now going to start doing what I should have done long ago: Ignore. No more responses to his taunts, his lies, his false accusations, his dual identities, or his wildly colorful stories. From now on, no matter how preposterous Bill/George becomes, he’s getting nothing from me.

  9. …and I can only recommend, in the very strongest terms, that everyone else follow the same policy. I think it’s the only way to save the ‘blog from ruin.

  10. Sorry I did not have time to finish. The wife wanted to go shopping.

    ltbugaf said: “Please show some slight shred of decency by ending your use of “nicknames” such as “schoolboy.””

    I suppose you expect a double standard since you continue to call me Bill/George. You also go to great lengths to call me names. Schoolboy is pretty tame compared to the things you write and even more so since you claim to be a HP.

    Ever since you came back from hidding, you have tried your best to insult me. You really come across as a faithful follower of Christ.

    I forgive you.

  11. One more thing, Kim: I am not a big fan of banning people from a blog. But there’s a point where someone’s dishonesty and disruption are no longer tolerable and stand in the way of all reasonable discourse. I just think you should consider that.

  12. Kim gave you your own thread. Maybe you should consider attacking me on the ltbugaf thread, then no one else would have to read it.

    I still forgive you for the things you continue to write.

  13. ltbugaf

    I have decided the same thing, a few days ago (to ignore him). And for the record, I have noticed you are much nicer since coming back :).

  14. I also forgive you Mary for the things you have written.

    I am looking forward to not reading jabs. Thank you if you mean it.

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