General Conference Open Thread

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Use this post to comment on this weekend’s general conference. Post your thoughts and questions.

25 thoughts on “General Conference Open Thread

  1. Elder Oaks discussed how Matt 11:28 (Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest) is an invitation that illustrates how the Atonement affects not just the remission of sins.

  2. Elder Ballard talked about church leaders focusing more time and effort on programmes than the people they serve.

    He gave these suggestions:

    1. Focus on people and principles, not on programmes.
    2. Be innovative
    3. Provide the work and delegate the responsibility
    4. Do not use guilt as motivators
    5. Thoroughly allocate our resources, time and energy
    6. Give responsibility to members, especially new converts
  3. While I have no reason to disbelieve the gay guy Elder Oaks mentioned and the hint that the guy was healed of that problem, as I believe Jesus can heal anything, but what of those who seek healing and aren’t for reasons only Jesus and G-d know? To leave it hanging makes many feel bad and perhaps bitter. I’ll also note that the gay guy had a wife and kids burdened with his problem, likely because the church in his generation encouraged these disasterous gay/hetero marriages. It’s just intellectually dishonest to walking away from the church’s responsibility in these train wrecks and speak as if it’s all the gay guy’s fault. Elder Oaks should be more sensitive in these matters.

  4. Steve, why do you care about the skin color of the leader speaking to you? I don’t.

  5. Kim said: “Men, pull up your socks and work.”

    that is funny even for a Canadian.

  6. George

    Since we have ample proof that Canadians are the best comedians I am not sure what the joke is.

    Did you attend the Priesthood Session? If so, you would know to what Kim is referring.

  7. Itbugaf,

    We’re suppose to be a missionary church welcoming to all. The fact is we’re more integrated than most churches. The church is more than half female. Why present white male face after white male face, when that’s not the church? Then there’s all those white shirts and blue suits and same boring delivery style. We’re a much better church than is being presented at conference.

  8. I enjoy conference, the talks, the spirit, everything about it. I am not a docile little female, but it doesn’t bother me that there aren’t equal women/men speaking. We aren’t in a gender equality contest.

  9. Steve, what a worldly concept you seem to pushing. Do you feel we should be IN the world and OF the world and begin a more political, gender and race specific marketing campaign to represent ourselves as “better”? Dude, give me a break.

    Since you seem to be so keen on wanting to hear a woman’s voice in the mix. Here’s mine, do with it what you will…Stop nit picking every detail and just listen to a prophets voice.

  10. There were lots of thought provoking talks as usual.
    One that stood out in the last session, was about being/becoming offended and leaving the church. I liked the question Elder Bednar would ask the offended person when visiting. Do you realize you are giving up for yourself and generations to come the blessings of the gospel? (paraphrasing)

    I think that question really sums it up.

    I’m not trying to sound self righteous as I have struggled in the past with “being offended”…never left the church though.

  11. Before my LDS wife-to-be dragged me back, HT’s would invite me to church. I was honest and said I had nothing against the church, but was sexually active and knew there wasn’t a place for me until I got married. Do some less actives just say “I was offended” when there’s another reason?

  12. I generally think that the “they must ahve been offended by someone” is a pretty little box that members put less/non actives in in order to inquiry into the real reasons behind the lack of activity in the church.

    I believe that there are SO many reasons that people wander away from chruch activities, and SO many reasons why, once absent, they choose not to come back.

    It’s just awfully easy to say ‘they were offended” stop thinking about it.

  13. You’ll note that in Elder Bednar’s talk, his saying “they were offended” was not an effort to avoid inquiry into the real reasons behind inactivity, but rather the result of extensive inquiry over years of effort to find out said reasons. He notes a pattern—a common element found in the overwhelming majority of the cases he has dealt with. He also stated that the individual reasons and stories were as many and varied as rick suggests.

  14. Re: #9—I wonder if “pull up your socks” could become the modern equivalent of “gird up your loins.”

    (That would make for an unseemly lyric change in Hymn #30, wouldn’t it? “Pull up your socks, fresh courage take…”) :)

  15. ltbugaf, I wouldn’t know Elder Bednar from Adam, but I question exactly how much “extensive inquiry” really took place. I’ll reserve judmgent until I read his talk in full, however.

  16. I just realized today, if a Bishop and SP had come to my place to invite me to church as Elder Bednar did when he was a SP, I likely wouldn’t have been candid with them as I was with Joe and Jim HTs.

  17. I was surprised by the lack of the strong “go forth and serve, missionaries!” talk or even a really pointed missionary focus.

    Additionally, I have been consistently impressed with the talks of Elder Uchtdorf. He was an excellent choice on the Lord’s part, apparently.

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