…and you thought *your* in-laws were bad.

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This made me laugh for some twisted reason:
Parent’s kidnap daughter to prevent her from marrying

I’m sure glad my in-laws didn’t think of this on our wedding day … not that they didn’t try initially.

11 thoughts on “…and you thought *your* in-laws were bad.

  1. Oh my. Well serves them right. People have choice, it’s not up to them who their daughter marries.

    I have great in-laws :). And I am NOT just saying that because my mother in law posts here, they really are great.

  2. Well, I think I liked this story for other reasons than you Rick…

    A)I am always up for a good shopping trip, perhaps I could have been easily persuaded.
    B)You know how I feel about the inlaws!!

    PS..I am the better half of Rick!

  3. At least the couple will have interesting stories to tell their grandchildren assuming they still get married.

  4. I know a guy who is from the same town the groom is from and he told me his sister used to date the groom when they were in high school.

    It made me wonder how young the bride was. Maybe 18 just started attending BYU, there for two months and getting married. I think I would try to stop my daughter from marrying so young.

    Of course at BYU, two months is a long time to wait.

  5. I think she was pregnant before the wedding personally. I am glad she went through the temple so faithfully.

  6. OH… and it will be really “convenient” when the baby is born “prematurely”. Yes, it WAS reported that she is pregnant.

  7. Jade, on what basis or evidence are you accusing this couple of fornication? Gossip and guesswork?

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