Canadian Bloggersnacker #1

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Anyone interested in getting together for a bloggersnacker? It will likely be in Lethbridge; unless we do it next week Monday or Tuesday as Mary and I will be in Calgary.

I know my mum is coming to Lethbridge in January, but anyone want to get together before then as well?

20 thoughts on “Canadian Bloggersnacker #1

  1. Lethbridge is such a long ways for me to travel . . . oh wait, I live here now. Okay, anytime is fine with me. :>)

  2. Okl so how about that week of January? Sinéad is being baptised 24 Jan so mum and dad will be here. We can plan something for then.

  3. I’d like to see something organized a little sooner, even if we also meet in January—at least for those of us that live in Lethbridge.

  4. You’ll have to illuminate me in regard to the composition of a “Bloggersnacker”, I’m afraid.

  5. Hmm. Bloggersnacker? Sounds like food is involved. I think I’ll need some illumination, as well, on events like these. Sounds like fun, though.

  6. We’re looking for a dining room table, but in the absence of that we could get a quick set-up table at Costco.
    The point being we would love to have everyone over to our humble abode. We have a loft you know – and that makes us special. :>)

  7. A bloggersnacker is a get-together for people who participate in the Bloggernacle (or the LDS blogosphere for those who are not familiar with it).

    I don’t think you need to be LDS though, so rick is free to come and lethbridgiana, since you’ve commented here and we are part of the bloggernacle, you can come too. :)

    Sounds fine to us Larry, I am doubtful we could accommodate every in our 800 sq ft house.

  8. How does Friday, Nov. 3rd sound? We can do it here. I’ll let Kim organize it, if he doesn’t mind, since he has been to one or two of these in the past. Tell us what to bring, or prepare, and we can go from there.

  9. The 3rd is fine with us, too; although, it is somewhat short notice now (despite Larry having posted this a week and a half ago). Does it still work for you, Larry?

    I’ve been to only one bloggersnacker before, and all we did there was eat snacks (there was cheese, crackers, chips, pop, etc) and chat. I’ve heard of some where games are played, but that didn’t happen at the one I attended.

    What time would be best for you, Larry?

    I would suggest as far as food goes, everyone just bring a favourite treat. Those who will be attending who aren’t LDS, be aware if you bring alcohol, you may be going home with roughly the same amount you brought. :)

  10. Murphy’s Law has just kicked in. As much as I hate to ask, can we postpone for a couple of weeks.
    My wife and I have just been hit by a blockbuster and it is going to take a while for the dust to settle.
    Sorry about that folks.

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