Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership

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Despite not having much to contribute to oil and gas boom in Alberta, southern Alberta still seems intent on cashing in on the energy sector somehow. It seems Economic Development Lethbridge, SouthGrow Regional Initiative and Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance recently joined together to attract, develop and build alternative energy projects, including wind, solar and bio-energy. The new partnership is known as the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership.

John Kolk, chair of the SAAEP Advisory Committee stated:

“A natural abundance of wind and sunshine in the region (recording nearly 2,400 hours of sunshine a year) provides the needed inputs to use the latest wind and solar technologies to generate an increase in renewable energy. Combine that with the opportunities for crop producers to benefit from ethanol production and improved waste management through bio-mass, and this region is in an excellent position to be a leader in these alternative, clean sources of fuel, electricity and thermal energy.”

Some interesting tidbits I discovered:

  • Wind producers make up approximately 25% of the tax revenue for the MD of Pincher Creek.
  • There are no bio-diesel production facilities in Alberta, despite the fact that within four years 35% of gasoline should have at least 10% ethanol.
  • Current consumption in Alberta of diesel is 5.1 billion litres annually and a 5% bio-diesel blend target for on road transportation will require approximately 255 million litres of bio-diesel.
  • Green heat technologies, including solar thermal technologies, could reduce GHG emissions by 84 MT

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a website.

2 thoughts on “Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership

  1. I wish our province could get its’ house in order in regard to these alternative energy resources.

    I just watched a special on the CBC (don’t ask why I was watching the CBC, I only have 4 channels so show a brother some mercy) on a couple in Ontario who had installed 5 PV panels on their roof and use net metering so they get a credit with the Hydro company.

    I sure wish Alberta would draft some legislation allowing the same sort of measures.

    It feels like our province is behind the curve, probably due to our fascination with good ‘ol petroleum.

    There’s plenty of oil & gas to burn so why worry right?


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