8,000-calorie burger

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8,000-calorie burger

17 thoughts on “8,000-calorie burger

  1. I saw the small order of fries and a bottle of coke but a real man would have ordered a milk shake with malt.

  2. you wouldn’t even be able to wrap your mouth around it!! But then of course I forget this is the same person who got his name on the wall for eating his Subway sandwich on his mission and who put half a loaf of homemade bread in his mouth all at once… good thing Mary is married to you… there is no way Dad would be ALLOWED to eat that!

    By the way.. this posted entry does not show up on my copy of Our Thoughts. The only way I knew it was there was George’s reply to seeing the small fries and coke came in my regular email. None of the other replies to the post or the post itself just his. Weird… But thanks George for bringing it to my attention.

  3. You said that when you guys took me to that restaurant on the way to the MTC as well. I showed you.

    It’s listed in the “Sideblog” section on the right hand side of the page.

  4. The restaurant is new Arizona State University.

    I used to have season tickets for ASU football. It was a tough decisionto make, job promotion or watching the Sun Devils.

    It looks like I did make the correct choice because I would eat way too many of those manly hamburgers.

    Sally said: “there is no way Dad would be ALLOWED to eat that!”

    Hey Dad – Can I buy you two or three of these hings? Ha.

  5. I once ate a burger somewhere in Portland (can’t remember the name of the restaurant) that purportedly weighed in with a pound of meat not to mention the works on it.

    I finished the burger (it was called a Bubba) and proceeded to develop a bad case of the meat sweats. I didn’t even touch my fries or veggies.

    I’m not sure I’d do it again.

  6. There is a restaurant in Texas where if you eat your 72 ounce steak and all the trimmings, your meal is free.

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