Get rid of traffic lights

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Get rid of traffic lights

3 thoughts on “Get rid of traffic lights

  1. The article says roundabouts are superior because they “allow courtesy to flourish and traffic to flow.” In my experience, roundabouts can allow traffic to flow better—I’ve certainly had my moments of frustration waiting for a red light at a deserted intersection. But I’m extremely doubtful that courtesy is likely to flourish. Lights are useful precisely because they require less judgment. Drivers aren’t courteous, and they aren’t all that bright. They need something obvious, like a colored light, to tell them what to do. The thousands and thousands of drivers in my area who routinely ignore “no passing” signs and the rules of a four-way stop aren’t going to get any smarter or any more courteous if we take down the lights and try to make them act thoughtfully.

  2. Roundabouts are much safer than red lights. I lived in England for 2 years and saw very few car accidents. I see red lights all the time in the States and almost always at a red light controlled intersection.

  3. Bill, I know you’re just sharing your own observations, but do you have any evidence that the UK has fewer accidents per driven mile than we have in North America?

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