Christmas is coming

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And Kim asked me if I miss getting letters from my grandma. Yes, actually I do. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I need to write to her and tell her something, and then I remember that I can’t do that anymore. I think it is something I will always miss.

I miss seeing that familiar handwriting in the mail and feeling a little lift in my heart, because my grandma was always such a wonderful correspondent. I think I have all her letters, at least I sure hope I do.

I will miss this Christmas, not seeing the familiar box of presents. That may sound mercenary, but really it’s not. It isn’t the presents themselves I will miss, but the gifts wrapped, in her creative, colourful way, with different pieces of ribbon and either wrapping paper or tissue, and our names written in her neat handwriting. That’s what I miss because not a year went by when she didn’t send something, not very big, but always something, and it is the wrapping and the handwriting I will miss.

I think most of all I miss hearing her voice and I hope I never forget the sound of it. For 35 years I heard it and to think, I won’t hear it again in this lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. I feel for you Mary :( Wish I was there to give you a hug. My gramma would have been 104 a couple of weeks ago and although she died about 10 years ago or so, when the 1st rolled around I still automatically thought Happy Birthday Memere. It doesn’t ever go away. But I know she is there waiting. I did Gramma Haysom’s name this past weekend at the Seattle temple and will do this gramma when I go to see you guys in January.. then I know she will be settled.. One day Mary.. one day

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