Arthritis and Pioneers

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My arthritis has been pretty bad this weekend. Double limping and all that.

Anyhow, on the bus ride this morning, my mind was drawn to reflect on the Mormon pioneers. I started wondering how many of them had arthritis. Of those that did, I wonder how many walked. Every day.

I wondered if I’d be able to walk 25 km every day for several months straight.

6 thoughts on “Arthritis and Pioneers

  1. I haven’t dealt with arthritis, I just have this feeling that w/ out antibiotics, I’d have surely been one of those pioneers they had to bury on the way! I’m definitely a wimp compared to them.

  2. I am sorry you hurt so much :( Come to think of it, they probably didn’t know what arthritis was back then, but I am sure it was around. I never thought of it that way before.. about the pioneers having to walk those distances.. those with pain must have gone through their own personal hell. Not everyone had wagons to sit in either. Of all the books I have read on the pioneer treks etc, I don’t ever remember anyone saying anything about being in too much pain to walk… interesting thought

    I guess there is a reason why those of us that live during these times are here now and not back then. There must be something in the gene pool going on as flareup has been bad on this end as well :(

  3. “something in the gene pool”

    …or preservatives, or plastics, or power lines, or any number of other modern convieniences that we use every day.

  4. He is suffering, some days worse than others. When he has to stand too long it is very hard on him. It is so hard to see him suffer. He doesn’t complain though.

  5. I’m trying, and failing, to see the connection of preservatives, plastics and power lines to the simultaneity of Sally’s and Kim’s arthritis flare-ups.

  6. My point was simply that there are a number of common, everyday technologies which we do not know the long-lasting side effects of.

    There are ongoing studies of all three things I mentioned in regard to their effect of well being.

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