Cremation and Organ Donations

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Would you be cremated at time of death? Would you have your ashes in a buriel plot in the cemetery? Would you keep them at home or in a safety deposit box? Is there anything from Church leaders on doctrine that says you may or may not be cremated? What about organ donations?

11 thoughts on “Cremation and Organ Donations

  1. Cremation:

    “Normally, cremation is not encouraged. However, in some countries the law requires it. The family of the deceased must decide whether to cremate the body, taking into account any laws governing burial or cremation. Where possible, the body of a deceased member who has been endowed should be dressed in temple clothing when the body is cremated . . . A funeral service may be held.” (Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1, p. 155)

    Organ donation:

    “The decision to will or donate one’s own body organs or tissue for medical purposes, or the decision to authorize the transplant of organs or tissue from a deceased family member, is made by the individual or the deceased member’s family. The decision to receive a donated organ should be made after receiving competent medical counsel and confirmation through prayer.” (Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1, p. 155)

  2. I’m all for cremation.
    Clean, efficient and easy.

    I think I’d like my ashes spread as well – preferrably into a river somewhere.

  3. How come the LDS church does not have Cemeteries on Church property for members to be buried on like many other Church’s do?

    Die with a Temple Recommend and you get to be buried for free.

  4. My Dad chose to be cremated when he died and I found bizarre comfort in the handbooks comment…even with the “not encouraged” sentiment.

  5. Niki said: “I found bizarre comfort in the handbooks comment…even with the “not encouraged” sentiment.”

    What do you mean by bizarre?

  6. Kim,

    I think your quote from the CHI is a perfect example where this is an LDS cultural preference.

    There really isn’t any doctrinal basis for their stance. Once the body is dead, it really doesn’t matter what is done with it. The doctrine of resurrection teaches that no matter what the state of the body is / was in this mortal life, it will be restored to a perfect state.

  7. I think for alot of people cremation is also a “green” alternative or earth friendly choice, no need to take up valueable space with large cemeteries anymore. Also I find scattering remains in the sea a more memorable choice for honoring the departed.

  8. I would be cremated. It is cheaper and faster. Plus, my wife can keep my ashes in a urn or spead them. I think the money left behind should be used to live on, and not to pay for my funeral.

  9. I believe in donating organs, but my ex-boyfriend who worked in a funeral home did mention that when you donate your organs, your body is pretty much butchered in the hospital. just something to consider if open casket funerals are important to you. Personally I’m still going with cremation.

  10. Yeah, I like the creamation idea over the decomposing in a box 6 feet under. I know I’m not gonna care about it after I’m dead, it’s just that the thought of creamation seems so much less grim.

  11. Why should it matter if you are cremated or not. I can’t imagine that it would make any difference to God… Why should it matter if you are burned to ash, or if you rot in the earth. Either way you are given back to the clay from whence you came.

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