Oh My Word

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In Adult Sunday school today we were in John, and it was discussed that a lot of people who used to say Oh My God switced it to Oh My Word thinking they were no longer being disrespectful. But in the first 3 verses of the frist chapter that Christ IS the word so that would then mean saying Oh My Word is just as bad as Oh My God….. I need a new vocabulary dictionary :(

7 thoughts on “Oh My Word

  1. Sounds like your Sunday School teacher was grasping at “Words” to come up with a lesson on that topic. I bet it is on the LDS.org site as doctrine too.

  2. Kim you have a little 2 year old niece who goes around saying “oh Man” everytime she doesn’t get her way.. YOU tell her as her uncle she can’t do that :) cause she doesn’t listen to the rest of us hehehe

  3. I was watching Dora the Explorer this morning and I guess she didn’t get the memo on not saying Oh Man :) cause she kept repeating it !

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