Delurking Time

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I see our visitor traffic stats and then look at the comments left and I have to wonder where all our visitors are.

Now’s your chance. It is officially delurking time at Our Thoughts. If you’ve been lurking in the shadows, please take a moment to introduce yourself. And if there’s a topic you’d like to see us attack here, feel free to mention that, as well.

No trolling allowed in this thread.

24 thoughts on “Delurking Time

  1. LOL

    There is a certain irony to seeing “Delurking time” with a succinct “No responses to ‘Delurking Time”

    Angry Mormon Liberal, a sometimes commenter and onetime blogger (Getting my ducks in a row before I start that up again…more work than you think)

    Generally I’m pretty impressed with Our thoughts.

  2. Well, we’re not against any comments, just those made to illicit negative reactions. We want at least this thread civil so people can introduce themselves.

    Welcome, AML.

  3. Hi, my name is Dar, I am a lurker and it has been awhile since my last comment.

    (Why do I feel like I am at an AA meeting? Not that there is anything wrong with AA meetings.)

    I guess that I just like to read more than comment, that, and Rick always says what I’m going to say first!!

    I’m married to him for those who don’t know. That has got to be the biggest confession thus far.

  4. Hey, ya’ll.

    I’m Ann and I poke my head in every once in a while. I love y’all’s funny accents. Canadians are so cute. It’s like you’re living in a different country!

    I’m kidding about the patronizing American stuff. I live in Louisiana, which is pretty much not the United States, either.

  5. Hello.

    I’ve commented in the past, but not for a while. I usually read at work while I’m mulling over something, which makes me kind of distracted. I live in work in northern Ohio, just across Lake Erie from Ontario, so I’m almost Canadian :).

  6. I’m a lurker all over the ‘naccle, sometimes commenter. I mostly read from work, where I cannot comment on blogger or blogspot blogs due to proxy server constraints. Sometimes I intend to go make the comment when I’m at home, but it almost never happens.

  7. I’m a long time lurker at this blog. Never commented here because I never felt strongly enough one way or the other about a post or comment to comment before. I still come to look around every once in a while because y’all are from my mom’s old stomping grounds. She is from the Lethbridge-Raymond-Sterling-Medicine Hat area, but moved down in the mid-50’s and only came up for an occasional vacation after my brother and I were born.

  8. You have all probably seen me comment here before. Usually it’s only in threads where I have something significant to add, which is not often, so I don’t comment too much. I’m in Utah.

  9. Welcome, Capt. Obsidian. I have seen you comment from time to time and we appreciate. I wish I could comment more on your blog, but I don’t have much of an affinity for geology. :) No offence.

  10. Hey, I’ve commented a few times before, but suppose I should introduce myself. I’m currently in the last semester of my grad studies at the UofA, though originally from Mormon Central (Utah). I came up here just for school. I’m hoping to move back when I’m done, as the Canadian experiment hasn’t been that great.

  11. Alea

    I am sorry you haven’t enjoyed being in Canada. Remember though, the country is BIG and very diverse all over. Hopefully you have had a chance to visit other places besides Alberta. You might find other places and people more to your liking.

  12. Sometime lurker from Vancouver area. A busy Mom of four so not a lot of time on my hands! Enjoy reading the diverse opinions.

  13. Not sure I qualify as a lurker, though I certainly do read more than I comment.

    I’m 40, I have four kids, and my husband is an enterpreneur. I used to blog with Mary on the late great blog Conversation. I’m known to be blunt.

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