Pulling the Plug

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I was thinking of my father’s death recently and it made me think of what other’s views were on pulling the plug on a spouse or parent or a child who was fatally ill with 0% chance of recovery. The person is in pain and has asked to please let them go. Or they have been in a coma and on life support. What would you do and why?If you were going to pull the plug how long would you wait before you decided to go for it? If it was a parent would you have a meeting with the remaining parent and your siblings? If it was your spouse would you make the decision on your own or would you invite your children to vote?

2 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug

  1. Mary and I have discussed this and we both feel that if there was 0% chance of survival, neither of us would want to be on life support.

  2. I think that I’d pull the plug precisely after I was able to reconcile it to myself.

    I have, in general, pretty low opinions of doctors, so I’d probably get as many opinions as I felt were necessary then do what I felt was best.

    As far as MY wishes go, I figure the decision rests with the living, but I’d prefer they pull the plug before I become a burden.

    If, on the other hand, my family is incredibly wealthy, I expect to be kept on life support until the end of time. Or for that matter, they can freeze me and wait until there’s a cure.

    I mean if money’s no object…

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