Baptised and Confirmed

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Yesterday marked a milestone for us. For Kim and I as parents, and for our daughter Sin?ɬ©ad. She is our eldest daughter and the first of our children to be baptised and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sin?ɬ©ad's baptism

It was a very special time for all of us, a joyous day and the start of her membership in the church. This was a decision she made on her own, after study and prayer. It is something we have prepared her for, for many years and something she has been looking forward to for a long time.

It was a beautiful baptism and confirmation and we shared it with family members (Kim’s parents and my dad were able to come out for it, as well as my mum and brother and sister who live here) and friends. Kim baptised and confirmed her, her grandmothers spoke, her grandfathers were witnesses as well as participated in the confirmation, her violin teacher and the mother of a classmate and friend performed on the violin and piano, a beautiful duet of Teach Me to Walk in the Light. We sang I Believe in Christ and I’ll Follow Him in Faith. Her Aunt Naomi and Uncle Sam gave the prayers. The Primary president and the bishop welcomed her as the newest member of the ward.

Nana made her baptism dress, she wore special baptism socks she received at 8 is Great from the Primary President, and she had a special, personalised towel from our primary chorister (who is also the mum of one fo Sin?ɬ©ad’s dearest friend. Actually, Sin?ɬ©ad says she is her best friend.).

For a few brief minutes she was totally pure until her brother did something to annoy her (of course after the service was over, so hey, it’s a memory). She was and is very happy and excited to have entered into the covenant of baptism.

It was a very poignant time seeing my daughter enter the waters of baptism and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. To think it has only been a little over eight years since she was born. I didn’t realise the time would go so fast, but it did. Seeing how her testimony has developed and grown has been very humbling. She has a deep love for the Saviour and a love and good knowledge (for her age) of His Gospel.

15 thoughts on “Baptised and Confirmed

  1. I’m sorry. That wasn’t meant to scare you. If I wanted to scare you, I’d suggest you look forward to her teenage years. But I won’t go there. :-)

  2. It wsa our very immense pleasure at being there and participating at her baptism. She is a very smart girl and definately knows what she wanted. We were and always are very proud of her!! But then I am biased :)

  3. “teenage years” indeed, Mary.

    I believe, with inflation, those now start at eleven. ;)

  4. Mum

    And we were so thrilled to have you here! Only wish it could have been longer :)

    Rick, ah yes, but maybe not as soon with homeschooling? I can only hope!! lol

  5. The last time I was performing baptisms for the dead in the Washington DC Temple, a new disinfectant had been added to the system, and everyone kept commenting on how the water foamed.

    “Those are just sins,” I said.

    Congratualtions to Sinead and all of you.

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