UFO sighting in Lethbridge

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UFO sighting in Lethbridge

4 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Lethbridge

  1. I reported this sighting, it’s interesting to note that there were similar sightings after this event across Canada in the following weeks. Also a sighting on the west side of Lethbridge in the third week of March 2007.

    I continue to look upward and I know what I saw in Aug 2006 was very interesting.


  2. And the lesson we learned in all this…

    Always have a camera cell phone with you at all times!!!

    That would have been cool to see!

  3. I like a good UFO story almost as much as I enjoy a good haunting account. Little green men, crop circles, poltergeists, and banshees what a great time to be alive!

    Sure takes the edge off all the depressing issues such as imperialistic nation states enforcing their brand of rule and religion on others. Home grown terrorism, instilling fear, and removing rights, in the guise of protecting freedoms. Corporate concern replacing democratic control over policy and national issues.

    Ah, I could go on but I shouldn’t have to. My point being (plainfully spelled out for those who seem to require it to be), a little levity in reporting goes a long way to distract us from issues of greater concern to our country.

  4. We have recently seen a strange light and a fighter jet following behind it. Is it just us or has anyone else seen it ?

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