For sale

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This weekend, Mary came across the following classified ad:

For sale: engagement ring. Worn for only three weeks.

There’s a story in there.

17 thoughts on “For sale

  1. I wonder who’s selling it, the man or the woman. IE, did the bride-to-be give it back to the man first?

    It isn’t quite as bad as selling a wedding band after three weeks.

  2. anyone want to place a wager on the legitimacy of this ad?

    Maybe it’s just an art project…

  3. Well I don’t know if it was genuine, but it probably was. It was in the Lethbridge Herald and didn’t seem to be an art project or a joke. It’s kind of sad. But I am glad they decided to end it before they got married.

  4. I can’t see what’s hard to believe about the ad. I’ve seen many bona fide ads for engagement rings. Engagements break up or never happen, and sometimes that’s the result.

  5. The demand for diamond engagement rings worldwide has done a lot of harm in Africa. I think De Beers counts as a secret combination.

    It’s good when people sell engagement rings in the classified. At least they’re bypassing the system DeBeers has set up.

  6. After my husband saw Blood Diamond he wanted me to throw away my ring, but I told him it was probably fine since we bought it in Canada- it probably isn’t a canadian artic diamond, but its a nice thought. btw it was my second engagement ring, don’t know what happened to #1, hopefully someone bought it.

  7. No, the Canadian Arctic diamonds are actually diamonds; just like African diamonds. Only with less baggage…

  8. Interesting thing about manufactured diamonds: They’re chemically diamonds; what really differentiates them from the mined kind is that they’re more flawless. Yet they generally cost less.

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