Guy buys commercial time to propose to girlfriend

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Guy buys commercial time to propose to girlfriend

7 thoughts on “Guy buys commercial time to propose to girlfriend

  1. I think her acceptance of the proposal was a bit forced. I don’t think they will actually get married. Come on, who says, I think I’m going to puke when they get proposed to? People who don’t want to get married, that’s who.

  2. Oh no, that’s not forced. She is just overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed, but I think she is totally sincere. If she was insincere, she wouldn’t have been so excited. You would have been able to tell by her face, it would have been reserved and she would have held back. But she is totally open and happy. She was just not expecting that, quite likely not expecting a proposal and certainly not something so romantic. I bet they will be getting married. They do love each other. I think it is pretty clear.

  3. I know from experience what a proposal to a person that doesn’t want to get married looks like. These two are not going to get hitched.

    “I think I’m going to puke”. That’s just not indicative of a happy emotion.

  4. well maybe we saw something different, because she looked very excited and happy to me.. Even in spite of the comment she made. It just seemed to me she was over excited. But I guess we will never know! :)

  5. Well I looked at the way she covered her eyes, the way she kept saying WHAT?! Like him proposing was the most ridiculous thing ever. I noticed that she never answered him, so it was like this was the first time she’d really thought about it, and then he had to ask again, “so do you want to get married?” and she says, “What!?” and then he has to convince her, “well not tomorrow” and then after some more hesitation she gives a whimpering half yeah—as if she really wants to say no, but really feels put on the spot.

    Then the clincher… “I feel like I’m going to puke.” That was the most honest response she could have given.

    The only reason I commented on it in the first place is because I really feel for the guy. I’ve been there.

    I wonder if there will ever be a follow-up about it. You’re probably right that we’ll likely never know.

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